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Does Your Child Have a Learning Disability? How to Know…

Does your child have trouble paying attention, having conversations or finishing projects? Is reading, writing or math a struggle? These behaviors and challenges could be signs of a learning or attention issue. ~Understood

Are you wondering if your child has a learning disability? It can be hard to know as every child will have areas in which he are she struggles and areas in which he or she excels. Learning disabilities also present themselves in different ways depending on the age group of your child. LD Online shares some things to look for…

In preschoolers, look for:

  • Communication delays, such as slow language development or difficulty with speech. Problems understanding what is being said or problems communicating thoughts.
  • Poor coordination and uneven motor development, such as delays in learning to sit, walk, color, and using scissors. Later watch for problems forming letters and numbers.
  • Problems with memory and routine; for example, not remembering specifics of daily activities and not understanding instructions. Possibly, problems remembering multiple instructions.
  • Delays in socialization including playing and relating interactively with other children.

In elementary school, look for:

  • Problems learning phonemes (individual units of sound) and graphemes (letters, numbers). Problems learning how to blend sounds and letters to sound out words. Problems remembering familiar words by sight. Later, difficulty with reading comprehension.
  • Problems forming letters and numbers. Later, problems with basic spelling and grammar.
  • Difficulties learning math skills and doing math calculations.
  • Difficulty with remembering facts.
  • Difficulty organizing materials (notebook, binder, papers), information, and/or concepts.
  • Not understanding oral instructions and an inability to express oneself verbally. Some types of LD are not apparent until middle school or high school. With increased responsibilities and more complex work, new areas of weakness may become apparent.
  • Losing or forgetting materials, or doing work and forgetting to turn it into the teacher.
  • An inability to plan out the steps and time lines for completing projects, especially long-term projects.
  • Difficulty organizing thoughts for written reports or public speaking.

If your child is showing signs, the best thing you can do is seek out professional help and testing. Teachers and school counselors can help set you on the right direction. But, remember…

Children with learning disabilities can, and do, succeed.

Here are some online resources that can help and will provide more information:

NCLD- National Center for Learning Disabilities

Center for Parent Information and Resources (LD)

Learning Disabilities Association of America

LD Resources 

If you are worried about your child being successful, in spite of a learning disability, remember that there are a lot of people with learning disabilities that have impacted the world positively.

Famous People with Learning Disabilities — Success Despite the Struggle

There are many famous people with learning disabilities. In fact, the list of people who have succeeded in life despite their learning struggles is quite extensive. Here’s a brief snapshot:

  • Scientists: Galileo, Louis Pasteur, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell.
  • Actors: George C. Scott, George Burns, Steve McQueen, and Sylvester Stallone.
  • Authors: Hans Christian Anderson, George Bernard Shaw, and F. Scott Fitzgerald.
  • Musicians: Mozart, Beethoven, John Lennon, and Cher.
  • Athletes: “Magic” Johnson, Bruce Jenner, Carl Lewis, and Nolan Ryan.
  • Politicians: John F. Kennedy, Nelson Rockefeller, Dwight Eisenhower, and Woodrow Wilson.
  • Military leaders: General Patton and General Westmoreland.



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