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Creative Space Tinkering For 1st Graders Setup + Projects

Whether you are an educator or parent, making a tinker space, a creative outlet area, for the kids in your care is an amazing idea! Let those budding scientists, artists, and explorers thrive…

Build Your Own Tinker Space, Steam Powered Family

The idea is to create a space where my kids are free to create and do their own things. Where they can learn through trial, error and exploration. Tinkering really is playing and inventing, so the space needs to be filled with opportunities to play, invent and launch imaginations into overdrive!

creative space

Our Kids’ Tinker Space on a Budget, My Nearest And Dearest 

…we set up our kids’ tinker space on a zero dollar budget? Come take a tour…

creative Space

My Nearest And Dearest

Tinkerer’s Toolbox (the tame version), Get Your Mess On 

This is all, of course, just a very loose suggestion. I think you could just wander the aisles of your local hardware store and see what things might tickle your child’s fancy. The general idea is just that they’ll be able to get their hands on some stuff that usually resides securely in the province of adults and that there will be enough interesting stuff that will just excite their imaginations AND that they can use without adult supervision.

creative space


Invitation to Build with Cardboard and Tape, My Nearest And Dearest

This one works for older or younger children!

creative space

And, the projects….


Kids love to tinker, explore and fulfill their curious and imaginative minds. Give the kids a box of parts and you’ll often find them building and inventing something cool.


This was such a fun post! I hope the first graders in your life enjoy their tinkering!



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Lori Hil is a freelance blogger and content curator with an AAS in Early Childhood Education. She now gets to combine her love of writing and teaching through the written word. You can find her all around the web, but especially enjoying the freelance life at
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