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Homeschool Reading Activities for Your First Grader

Are you homeschooling, or just want to give your children some extra reading practice?

Expert Village is teaching parents how to help first graders with their reading practice…

Reading Rules for First Graders

What pronunciation and reading rules can you work on with your first grader? Here are some ideas:

Word Cards

You will need some flash cards and a marker.

When your child starts to read more on his or her own, they will run into words that they are not familiar with pronouncing. Words that  do not follow the rules. The words that do not follow phonetic rules are the ones that you will want to use to create flashcards. These are words that need to be memorized, rather than sounded out.

You will create three piles- your starting pile, a correct pile for the ones your child gets right, and a review pile for the ones that your child gets wrong and needs to be reviewed or learned. Keep repeating the ones that are wrong. You can continue practice for just a few minutes each day.

Word Endings 



Help you child understand how words are “chunked” into syllables. Start with 2-3 syllable words and work up to longer words with practice.

YouTube is a great resource of videos to help you plan reading lessons. Happy Teaching!




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