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7 Fantastic Outdoor Activities for Kids Ages 7-10

Are you looking for some fun outdoor activities to do with kids ages 7-10? We thought so! Get outside and have fun together!

Fun Outdoor Activities

1.Bike Photo Safari, Family Education

This is an awesome activity that is sure to become a family favorite!

  1. Each team of two or three kids gets a safari clues list and a digital camera.
  2. The team must use the clue list and photograph the location or item they believe is correct within a determined time limit.

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2. Scavenger Hunt, Live Strong

For this game, you create a list of items that need to be found and give a list to each child or team leaders if you are working in a group. You can look for nature items as a fun way to explore and teach children about the world around them. To make this one more fun for older kids, you can get into teams and race against the clock!

3.Art On The Lawn, She Calls Me Mama Leisha

Want to encourage your children to be artistic? Lawn art is the way to go! Grab an old sheet or huge piece of butcher paper and let them paint. Little kids and big kids enjoy this one!

outdoor activities

She Calls Me Mama Leisha

4.Lawn Twister, One Good Thing

While you are out on the lawn, how about a game of twister? Kids of all ages adore a good game of twister.

 Paint a “twister board” onto your lawn and get started! I cut a 10 inch circle out of a pizza box and used it for my template, then made the circles using contractors marking spray paint (that washes off.)


5. Bean Bag Ladder Toss, Landeelu

Tired of tossing those bean bags back and forth? Make it more interesting by putting scores on the rungs of a ladder.

outdoor activities



Fun way to make use of those bottles before they go into the recycling and work on your bowling skills.


7.Backyard Obstacle Course, Imagination Soup

Older children can get involved and create their own courses for their friends and siblings to try out. They may even convince mom and dad to give it a go! It’s great exercise too.

outdoor activities

Have you and your family tried any of these?


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