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Ideas for the Kids Who Can’t Sit Still


Sensory or kinesthetic learners are one of the 3 major classifications of learning styles. This group is often categorized as “scattered” or “energetic” and can have a tough time sitting still and learning traditionally. About Parenting has crafted a list of ideas for helping sensory learners who may be more active than their peers.s1

“Research shows that exercise, or movement improves academic performance in children, so it makes sense that you’d want to provide ways for them to learn that use their muscles.”

The list includes activity ideas such as Play Bins, “hands-on ways for kids to learn about their world.  They are usually contained in a bin and filled with something that a child can run their fingers through.  The bin should be big enough that the child can move their hands though without taking the filler out.”

It also recommends “Fidget Toys” that can help keep kids hands busy while they are learning something else.

The article also suggests a solid routine that helps keep active kids scheduled so they are better prepared for times when they may have to sit still, like bedtime.

“Learning for an active child shouldn’t be a negative experience.  Provide sensory activities so that they have the chance to build muscle strength and move around in safe and enjoyable ways!”

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