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Uplifting Words Every Parent Should Say To Their Kids

Uplifting words for kids?

Sometimes there are a lot of lists of what not to say to your kids, but there are some great, and uplifting lists on the wonderful things to say too! Here are some of those lists….

“I love You I’m Here For You I’m Grateful For You”

What else makes the list?

Words You Should Always Say To Your Kids, Yahoo Parenting

From starting out with your toddlers up to their teen years, this list has some do says from “please” to “I hear you.”

64 Positive Things to Say to Kids, Creative With Kids

This extensive list is sure to get your linguistic and creative juices flowing! It even has a free, downloadable printable to serve as a reminder to help your children feel worthwhile.

From encouraging to building manners, these are words that kids need to hear from parents often to let sink in.

5 things every parent should say to their child as often as possible, Kidspot

With gratitude and love.

7 Things Parents Should Tell Their Kids Every Day, Mind Body Green 

There are many ways to say “I love you” to your children, without actually uttering those three small-but-mighty words…Keep Reading 

Do you have any special words to add? Leave them in the comments!


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Lori Hil is a freelance blogger and content curator with an AAS in Early Childhood Education. She now gets to combine her love of writing and teaching through the written word. You can find her all around the web, but especially enjoying the freelance life at
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