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4 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Child’s Memory

Easy ways that you can help your child’s memory develop

Memories are the cornerstone for the enrichment of children’s lives and help indirectly enhance their language skills. Here are a few tried and true ways to develop your child’s memory.

1. Establish routines

Kids will thrive on set routines, and they’re great for helping enhance your child’s memory. For example, if your child loves to snuggle with his bear each night after a bath, enhance this experience by asking “What happens after your bath?”

Child with Teddy


2. Play memory games

Out at a restaurant or in the car? Play memory games such as asking who lives at certain houses, what color was the door on the way in to this restaurant, what was the waitresses name?

3. Demonstrate how to perform tasks

Modelling of parents actions is common, so use it to your advantage. Show them how to do certain tasks step by step, then let them have a go. When they participate, they retain information more readily.

4. Talk with your child about her experiences

For example, a trip to the zoo. Recollection is a great way to bolster memory. As they get older, help her to make stories out of her memories, which will help develop richer and clearer memories.

Thinking Kid


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