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5 Manners Your Kids Need For A Successful Life

Good manners are an important part of life, success, and making the world a better place. Here are 5 skills you can teach your child…

5 Manners And Life Skills To Teach Kids

1.Table Manners

Many events in life revolve around food, so great table manners are important. Here are few tips to pass on to your children:

  • Place your napkin in your lap.
  • Wait until everyone’s food comes before you begin to eat.
  • Chew with your mouth closed.
  • Properly hold utensils and avoid clanking them on the plate.
  • Eat slowly.

2.Eye Contact

Eye contact helps people feel comfortable with you and lets them know that you are interested in what they have to say. Learning to make eye contact as a child can mean more success later on in life. You can have your child practice with you by using a timer and seeing how long you can hold the contact. suggests setting the timer at 11 seconds. Then have your child practice while listening to others.

3.Introducing Themselves

For this one, you can help your child come up with an easy script. “Hi my name is _____ from blank ____. Nice to meet you.” You can also teach your child how to introduce others. This skill will make your child more engaging and may contribute to helping him or her make new friends.

4.Conversation Skills

Children know how to talk…a lot. But, does your child know how to engage in a back and forth conversation? It is important to teach children to ask questions and listen. To allow others to talk too.

  • Wait your turn so you don’t interrupt.
  • Listen to what the other person is saying
  • Ask questions and show interest

Practice having back and forth conversations with your child.

5.Be Courteous

General kindness can go a long way towards being successful in life.

  • Respect when others are different from you.
  • Look for the positive aspects of life and be grateful.
  • Help others when you can.
  • Say “Please” and “Thank You.”

What manners are you teaching your children?

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