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6 Unique Ways To Teach Patterns To Preschoolers

Patterns can help children develop their sensory perceptions along with early math skills.

Times tables, addition and skip counting all require an understanding of and proficiency in patterning. In preschool, identifying and creating patterns is just the beginning of the mastery of life-long mathematical skills.

Today’s roundup will present you with 6 great and easy activities to help preschoolers learn patterns.

Teach Patterns

1.Ice cube Tray

This idea comes via Busy Toddler and uses a simple ice cube tray and buttons to teach patterns. It is a fun idea. Just be sure to monitor so young children do not swallow whatever small counting objects you choose.

teach patterns

2.Use Toys

Toys, such as cars, can be used to create patterns by color or big and small like the example below via The Measured Mom.

teach patterns

3.Recognize Surrounding Patterns

teach patterns


As you go about your day to day, look for patterns in the environment with your preschooler. It could be stripes on a shirt, a row of coordinating flowers, or patterns on a rug.

4.Movement Pattern

This is a great one for the kinesthetic learners out there! You can create a movement or dance pattern.

Simple movement patterns — the genesis of dance — can turn your next walk into a math and choreography lesson. “1-2-3-4-5-jump, that’s a pattern,” says Dr. Jie-Qi (Jackie) Chen, professor of Child Development at the Erikson Institute ~GreatKids

5.Audio Patterns

For the auditory learner, you can create sound patterns by clapping hands or play an instrument. You could also combine movement by having children stomp their feet to make an audible pattern.

6.Art and Stamps

For the artistic, you could use stamps to create patterns. Beading necklaces is another artsy idea. Just use the stamps, beads, or your art material of choice to create repeating patterns for children to recreate and recognize.

teach patterns

Preschool Math – Identifying and Making Patterns, AB Patterns

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