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Creating Learning Environments at Home

It’s no secret that parents are a child’s first teachers. So how can parents take this early development time and create an environment for positive growth and learning? “Your home setting can be a comforting, warm cocoon where your child very naturally learns about love and trust while you snuggle together reading a book in bed. Or it can be a stimulating place in which he learns to satisfy his curiosity while sinking toys in the bathtub.”5

Early Childhood News outlines a few ways parents can make the most of their pre-school time with their children. The article notes different areas at home where parents can help their children explore and learn, including the home office, while exercising, and the kitchen. Activities like pretend phone calls, soup can “weight lifting,” or playtime with water and measuring cups can add to a child’s enjoyment of every day activities, as well as reinforce bonding time with mom and dad.

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