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Do Schools Kill Creativity?

The Greatest TED talk on Kids’ Education

The following TED talk is the most viewed TED talk every, and after watching it and listening to the words of Sir Ken Robinson, it’s not hard to see why. The talk has two central themes, being that we’re all born with natural capacities and that mass education tends to suppress them, and secondly that it is becoming more and more urgent to cultivate these capacities. To rethink our approach to education.

“I’m surprised and delighted to say that my first talk remains the most viewed of all TEDTalks so far. It’s been downloaded well over 20 million times from all platforms in over 150 countries and continues to be downloaded about 10,000 times a day from the TED site alone.” – Sir Ken Robinson

I won’t attempt to deconstruct this talk with my words, for they cannot do it justice. Rather, I’ll leave you with the talk, and I implore you to take twenty minutes and enjoy!

“People and organizations everywhere can see that current systems of education are failing to meet the challenges we now all face and they’re working furiously to create alternatives.” – Sir Ken Robinson



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