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Do You Know Your Child’s Learning Style?

Some kids process information best by hearing something explained, others learn by reading, and others learn through hands-on exercises. Many primary and secondary schools conduct surveys to give teachers insight into the learning styles of their students. Knowing and understanding the way your child learns can be one of the most important factors in teaching them new skills or finding a school that is right for them.

Although there are many, the three basic learning styles are auditory, kinesthetic, and visual.

Auditory Learners

  • Retains information through hearing and speaking
  • Often prefers to be told how to do things and then summarizes the main points out loud to help with memorization
  • Often has talents in music

best techniques for learning:

  • Repeat material out loud and in their own words
  • Discuss materials in study groups
  • Read textbooks aloud

Kinesthetic Learners

  • Likes to use the hands-on approach to learn new material
  • Is generally good in math and science
  • Would rather demonstrate how to do something rather than verbally explain it

best techniques for learning:

  • Take study breaks often
  •  Learn new material while doing something active
  • Chew gum while studying

Visual Learners

  •  Uses visual objects such as graphs, charts, pictures, and seeing information
  • Able to memorize and recall various information
  • Tends to remember things that are written down

best techniques for learning:

  • Turn notes into pictures, charts, or maps
  • Avoid distractions (windows, doorways, etc.)
  • Learn the big picture first and then focus on the details

Information on learning styles and more can be found at

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