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Drawings Show Why Pre-K is Important

People have known for awhile the importance of making sure your child is intellectually stimulated and learning at a young age, but the clear differences between kids who did and did not attend a Pre-k class was made clear this week during a senate hearing.

A veteran teacher explained to the hearing just how kids who had been to preschool were better prepared. The article states “Kids who had been to preschool were better to separate from parents, go to the bathroom on their own, follow two- or three-step directions, use scissors, and interact with peers.”

The teacher, Mandelbaum, is quoted as saying to the hearing “The children with pre-K knowledge and experience nearly always come into my class with the essential social, emotional, and academic skills, able to launch an essential year in kindergarten,”

While none of that may be new information to anyone, the pictures she as comparisons were definitely surprising.


These simple examples makes the importance very clear.

For more information and the original article go Here:

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