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The Amazing Benefits of Early Education

Did you know?

Ninety percent of physical brain development occurs in the first three years of life, when a baby forms 700 new neural connections per second. ~Bloomberg

Early Education helps children be “school-ready” when the time comes boosting learning and confidence. Here are just a few of the many ways Early Education can benefit children both short and long-term:


Socialization with people other than the child’s family in a safe environment is an essential foundational element to the below areas.

As parents, we intuitively understand that it’s important to introduce our children to other children and support their transition into their own friendship groups.

The earlier we do this, the better, as it helps children overcome shyness and gain self-confidence. If we leave this too long, we actually hinder their social development. ~HuffingtonPost

2.School Preparation

Children who take part regularly in quality ECE are likely to be confident and curious about the world, and this can help them do better when they go to school or kura. ECE supports your child to:

  • become resilient – to manage challenges and to stick at it when things get difficult
  • settle more easily at school or kura and to get the benefits of education more quickly
  • become life-long learners, for example:
    • talking, singing, and listening to stories build children’s language skills and help them to love books and reading
    • painting, dancing, making music, dressing up, and pretend play help to develop children’s imaginations and creativity
    • puzzles, number play, and counting games help children to understand maths concepts
    • building or construction activities, helping to prepare food, caring for plants and animals, and playing with water and sand (measuring and mixing) support children to learn about maths and science concepts.

3.Long-Term Benefits Into Adulthood

One well-known study, the HighScope Perry Preschool Study, found that individuals who were enrolled in a quality preschool program ultimately earned up to $2,000 more per month than those who were not. Young people who were in preschool programs are more likely to graduate from high school, to own homes, and have longer marriages.

Other studies, like The Abecedarian Project, show similar results. Children in quality preschool programs are less likely to repeat grades, need special education, or get into future trouble with the law. ~NationalEducationAssociation


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