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Do You Know What Gifted and Talented Really Means?

It starts with small seemingly inconsequential things. Your child started walking long before any of her peers or can read better than their older sibling. Perhaps they don’t stop talking or don’t even speak at all. You may notice your child asking strange questions or perhaps demonstrating an incredible memory and sense of humor far beyond their years.

What does all this mean?

Firstly, there is no typical gifted child. The working definition of gifted is “ability in school curriculum”. Talented children are defined as “children who do well in extra curricular activities such as sport, music or art.”  Your child, like all children is unique so the golden rule is to focus on the whole person as opposed to their gifts or lack thereof.

Aren’t all children gifted and talented if you ask their parents?

Probably. The parents views can be a starting point of identifying a child’s talents or gifts. Children are usually labelled as gifted or talented by teachers.

How do i know if my child falls in this category?

An IQ test is a sure way of finding out whether your child is a genius. The levels of giftedness are classified as;

  • Mildly Gifted – IQ 115 – 129
  • Moderately Gifted – IQ 130 – 144
  • Highly Gifted – IQ 145 – 159
  • Exceptionally Gifted – IQ 160 – 179
  • Profoundly Gifted – IQ 180+

Other than an IQ test, see how the checklist below relates to your child.  How many of the statements below describe them?

  1. Asks challenging questions
  2. Communicates clearly
  3. Is very creative (loves to draw or write)
  4. Makes connections between topics and objects
  5. Is determined to “find an answer”
  6. Shows empathy
  7. Poses extensive general knowledge
  8. Requires very little explanation of new ideas or tasks
  9. Becomes impatient quickly
  10. Appreciates humor
  11. Can become absorbed in a favorite activity for hours
  12. Physical capabilities
  13. Does not accept authoritarian behavior without an explanation

How many of the above statements describe your child? Let us know in the comments section.


First published by theguardian


Leah was born and raised in Kenya. She divides her time between article writing, blogging and creating original African pieces. She provides her writing services independently and can be found odesk. When she isn’t hunched over a computer, she’s out being inspired by nature.
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