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Hacks for Struggling Readers

Time has released an article, written by Belinda Luscombe, of outstanding list of life hacks to help your struggling reader. She knows that the earlier a child falls behind, the more they struggle to catch up. When a child can’t read, or reads poorly, school becomes a challenge many children will begin to shy away from. She lists apps and ideas for ages ranging from early learners to high school students and provides a strong justification for each tip.g1

“New technologies are revolutionizing education for those who struggle with the written word, whether reading it, writing it or organizing their thoughts in a coherent form–because they are all connected. And surprisingly, these technologies are widely available and often inexpensive. Most people have access to these tools, known as assistive technologies, without even knowing it, on their smartphones.”

Writing assistance software, ebooks and online test preps all have a place in helping a child learn to be stronger reader, and Belinda helps you sort out what ages and grades to employ certain tactics.

It’s a longer, but thoroughly interesting article that may make the difference in your child’s education.

Original article:

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