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How to get Kids excited for After School Tutoring!

Let’s be real: not too many of us would have salivated at the idea of homework and study. Sure, school was fun, when we were playing softball or having a food fight with our friends at lunch, but few of us were thrilled to come home and do math, as opposed to heading out or playing Playstation.

The idea of tutoring after school can be a further nail in the proverbial coffin in the killing of afterschool joy, but it doesn’t have to be. Forcing kids to be tutored won’t achieve much, they need to be excited by it and the opportunity to excel.

First off, you’re going to need the right tutor. Not just the ‘best’ one, but the right one. But how do you pick it?

The Right Tutor

School can be dull and boring, so it’s important for your tutor to bring something new to the table, something unique. They need to make the work seem fun and exciting, and that they’re really getting something out of it. So look for someone who isn’t afraid to think outside the box a little.

Overwhelmed with school work


The fact that tutors aren’t school teachers (typically) means their methods of teaching aren’t constrained by the curriculum and constraints of a classroom environment. The best way to find these wonder-tutors is to ask around. Nothing says more than the verbal recommendation of a friend.

Narrow the field down to two or three, then have interviews.

“Ask questions about the tutors’ teaching experience, style and availability. Invite your child to participate in the interview, too. After all, it’s important that he feels comfortable with the tutor.” –

Benefits of After-school Tutoring

What you will notice is what you’d expect, assuming you’ve selected a solid tutor. That is, an immediate improvement in grades and increased lesson comprehension. However, a side benefit will be an increase in self-confidence, which you may not be expecting. Feeling more confident about his or her ability and potential will keep them looking forward to the sessions. After all, half the frustration in study and homework is struggling to understand it and get it done. If it’s easier for them to complete, there’s less frustration, anxiety and stress.

The confidence boost will spill over from academic to socially also.

“Once he begins to understand the lessons and schoolwork, though, he’ll feel self-assured and empowered — feelings which will positively affect every other aspect of his life.”  –

There’s a good chance that his new found success in class will result in a happier all round kid. Isn’t that exciting!?


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