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How to Teach Kids That Are Easily Distracted

It is possible to teach kids that are easily distracted

Whether you are a teacher, homeschool your kids or just want to help your child’s attention span this is for you. It isn’t easy to teach a child that is easily distracted. It may hard and difficult but it is possible to teach them. Don’t give up and think that they will never be teachable. They just need help to focus on what is in front of them. If you guide them and with some helpful tips your child won’t be easily distracted.

  • Limit visual distractions.  We all love the educational posters and visual reminders, but that could be overwhelming for your child, try taking them down, and see if that helps.
  • Give them a fidget.  Kathy Kuhl defined a fidget as a small toy or item your child can fiddle with to help them concentrate.  Some rules she suggested, it has to be small, it has to help, it has to not distract the teacher (who may be a distractible adult), it has to not make noise.
  • Take breaks, adults benefit from short breaks, so of course our distractible kids will as well.
  •  Read through this and tell us what you think!

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