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The Hundred Languages of Children: A Short Documentary

Children learn in multiple ways and forms of expressions,

They say that there are a hundred languages of children. Unique to the Reggio philosophy is the idea that every child has a hundred languages. They learn using many forms of expression, including clay, paper making, dance, drama and musical instruments. At our school, young children are learning the foundations for understanding math, literacy and principles of science in authentic ways, as they play, collaborate and create together.

This short documentary follows several of the learning experiences engaging some of the children at this progressive preschool in Rye, NY. Staff interviews, real-time classroom situations, visiting alumni dancers and musicians, songs, music, poems and more jump off the screen as viewers join the RPNS staff, students and parents in their continual quest to encourage their young children to become independent, life-long learners. ~The Hundred Languages of Children

In the Reggio Emilia program and approach to learning, teachers allow the kids to plant the seeds of interest and then create learning activities around those interests. Early education that creates a multi-sensory experience gives kids a creative and fun foundation of learning. From music to art to dance, the basics are formed for math and literacy later on.

“You can teach a child how to read. You can teach them the ABC’s and the 1 2 3s, and they could be reading everything on a page, but do they really understand what they are reading?”

Multi-expression and multi-sensory experiences are what take that intellectual knowledge and then apply it in a practical way that kids understand. Parents and teachers working together for a diversified approach to education is a beautiful thing!

“We believe that children can learn a hundred different ways!”


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Lori Hil is a freelance blogger and content curator with an AAS in Early Childhood Education. She now gets to combine her love of writing and teaching through the written word. You can find her all around the web, but especially enjoying the freelance life at
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