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Creating Affordable Early Education?

If we want society to improve, it starts in the early classroom as we have previously discussed here: The Amazing Benefits of Early Education 

But, child care costs can be so expensive!

Today’s 20-somethings are having fewer babies than any generation in U.S. history. One big reason is that raising children is expensive. In the Granite State, the average annual cost for an infant in a full-time child care facility is almost $12,000. For young parents struggling to make ends meet, that’s a staggering expense. Many millennials want to start a family, but they’re concerned that costs might be out of reach. ~HuffingtonPost

Millennials want to start families but are more concerned about the financials and that the costs are too high, than past generations.

Investment in preschool education is currently at a shocking low in the US…

The US is lagging behind other countries in terms of enrollment, investment and the quality of foundation education. ~ Raffordable early educationead Full Post via Leah, Early Education Central 

The US no longer stands at a highpoint of education worldwide. Do you have solutions? Let’s discuss in the comments…

Affordable Early Education needs to become a top priority!

If we expect education to be the great equalizer, then it’s not good enough to start at the college level, or the elementary and secondary levels, or even at the kindergarten level. We need to start in children’s earliest years. ~HuffingtonPost

Affordable Early Education

MIT says that Early Childhood Education For All is a Wise Investment. What do you think?

The MIT report has been created as a cry to policy makers in an effort to improve how early education is made available to all families. More reports like this one, can help spread the word about this growing problem.

Early Childhood Education for All: A Wise Investment brings together research and state experience on the critical importance of early care and education to children—and also to taxpayers and those concerned with economic development.

You can download and share the full PDF for free Here

More initiatives like “A Wise Investment” can help to share awareness of making affordable education available to a greater number of families.

Making a change starts with passionate parents, community helpers, and educators who will stand up as allies for children who need a better start in life. Children need advocates and it starts with us. Learning what programs are making a difference and working to implement those programs, and to make them affordable for all. It’s a big job, but we have many resources and many innovative brains to help.

Have some suggestions to make Early Education more affordable? Share them in the comments and let’s start a discussion!…


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