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You Can Teach Your Children How To Tell Time

Learning how to tell time is an important life skill. It’s one you can teach your children yourself and today’s roundup of tips and activities will help!

Teaching Your Child to Tell the Time, Teaching Your Child

tell time

Teaching Your Child

This is a step by step guide to teaching your child how to tell time, the different methods, and explanations needed.

You may find that your child learn to tell the time in a matter of days or weeks, but keep reinforcing time during your everyday routines until they are confident.

Learning to Tell Time, Parents

Tracking, counting, and reading numerals! Telling time is full of skills. points out that teaching time can be fun. By spending just a few minutes a day, you can help your child build the skills he needs.

How can you get your child motivated to master the clock? Spend a few minutes every day getting your kid up to speed on tricky aspects of telling time.

Online Tips for Teaching Kids to Tell Time, Time Center

Time Center says to make telling time fun you can play games with a stopwatch or kitchen timer. They also suggest reading your child books that contain time concepts (Once upon a time….). This post also has links to lesson plans that you can do with your child.

Telling Time Lesson Plans: Teaching Students to Tell Time

In this post, Education World presents 5 lessons that you and your child can go through to help him learn all about time. Grade levels are listed in parenthesis and materials start at the preschool level.

If you are looking for some fun Time Telling activities. Pinterest is a great resource!

Teach How To Tell Time, Pinterest

Apps and Games For Time Telling Fun

Kids can play a fun game online to improve time skills here Time Monsters 

Best telling time apps – games that teach children to tell the time, PC Advisor


You can also watch videos together on YouTube, like this one:

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