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The best educational games for kids: OUTDOORS!

Smart Games For Kids, And Getting Some Fresh Air Doing It!

Rain, hail or shine (well, actually probably just shine!), outdoor games and activities are a fantastic way for kids to get some much needed fresh air and exercise. This is particularly true in this day and age where where Playstations and iPads have such a dominant control over the down time of kids around the world.

Game: Treasure Hunt

Kids Treasure Hunt


Summary: Take your budding young Indiana Jones on a good old fashioned treasure hunt! It is all too easy to turn your backyard or even a local park or home into a mysterious foreign land with danger and adventure at every turn!

“Set the stage, and your kid’s imagination will do the rest. In between all that bounty-chasing and treasure-digging, he’ll get a taste of how to use a map, and begin to connect how images and symbols on a map correspond to things in the physical world.” //

You Will Need:

  • Small token to serve as the treasure (This can be anything, from a toy from the dollar store to a handful of small rocks coated with a metallic spray paint to resemble gold or silver coins)
  • Small paper bag
  • Black felt pen
  • Sheet of white paper
  • Pencil (colored pencils work too)
  • Coffee grounds  (optional)
  • Lighter or matches (optional) //

How to Play:

There are so many different ways to play treasure hunt, it’s really up to you and your imagination. Get together a treasure in a paper bag and hide it somewhere in the playing area, then draw up your treasure map with clues leading to the next clue, and so on, before finally finding the treasure location.

You can use simple mathematical or linguistic problems that will lead to the next clue, or focus on images of certain locations or ‘landmarks’ to indicate the next clue location (and then at that location have the next map to lead to the next map, and so on).

If you want to make your map very authentic, soak it in coffee and lightly burn the edges!

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