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Top 10 best educational apps for kids

“A NEW detailed study into apps for kids reveals the wide impact smartphones and tablets is having on how children play and learn.”

The analytics company adjust has shown Apple making quite a strong move towards the educational market, and with massive contributions from app developers, his hit close to 400,000 apps for children. The Apple app store has 2255 apps just to help children with their homework.

Kids on iPad

Source: Huffington Post

Here are some other interesting figures for Apple…

  • 21,791 maths apps
  • 698 timetable apps
  • 72% of kids under 8 and 38% of children under 2 have used a mobile device in the past 12 months
  • most positively rated kids app in the app store? Bugs and Buttons
  • almost 1/5 apps for iOS are suitable for kids
  • 60% of the apps in the Kids section are for Education.

So here they are!

1. Bugs and Buttons

2. Kids Puzzles Puzzingo

3. Preschool EduKitty-Amazing

4. Heidi on the Alp

5. Shape-O ABC’s

6. TeachMe: Kindergarten

7. Monkey Math School Sunshine

8. Green Eggs and Ham — Dr. Seuss

9. Endless Alphabet

10. Dr. Seuss’s ABC





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