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Are You Using Sign Language to Communicate with Your Toddler?

If not, here are some great reasons to start…

Fewer Tantrums and More Fun

When babies can’t communicate constructively they get frustrated, leading to tantrums and meltdowns. We have all experienced the feeling of helplessness when trying to comfort an inconsolable baby, guessing at what they want.

Baby Sign Language lets babies communicate what they want. They can tell you if they want their teddy bear, when they are hungry, if it is too hot, or if their tummy hurts. Families that sign report that both parents and child experience less frustration.

Spending hours trying to guess why your baby is distraught is a useless way to lose a night of sleep. Baby Sign Language helps both you and your baby address the root cause of tantrums and allows both of you to spend more time enjoying each other’s company.

If that is not reason enough right there, I don’t know what is, but there’s more…

1.Signing With Your Child Can Increase Bonding

When you teach you child sign, you must get down at their level and look at them. You must interact with your child, label, talk, describe, make eye contact and demonstrate the sign. You also will often show your child how to make the sign hand-over-hand. All of these interactions can help increase the bond you have with your child. ~PlayingWithWords365

2.It May Make Baby Smarter

Studies show long-term cognitive benefits, including:

  • +12 IQ point advantage
  • Larger speaking vocabulary and ability to form longer sentences
  • Earlier reading and larger reading vocabulary
  • Better grades in school

3.Can Improve Fine Motor Skills Too!

Getting Started With Baby

ASL for Toddlers

Signing with your baby can be a great bonding and developmental tool, but don’t forget to talk too! Your words are important.

Do you sign with your little ones? I want to know in the comments…

More Resources:

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