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Why Choose Early Education?

Bloomberg News is reporting on the findings of a new study from the Bridgespan Group and the Pritzker Children’s Initiative. The study’s broad conclusion states,“Brain science and economics show that intervening to help children when they’re very young is more cost-effective than waiting until they’re in school.”Although this isn’t news to many, it now has some concrete studies supporting it.

Early education is more important than ever

Early education is more important than ever

The article quotes 10 facts stated in the study as a way of carefully organizing the information. The facts include statements such as, “Ninety percent of physical brain development occurs in the first three years of life, when a baby forms 700 new neural connections per second.” This means that the first 3 years of a child’s life is the time to introduce not only hard data, but music, literature, languages, and other skills that can stay with them for the rest of their lives when nurtured correctly.

The study also finds that “Comprehensive early interventions that combine health, nutrition, and learning have the potential to reduce risk factors associated with chronic diseases, such as hypertension and high blood sugar, well into adulthood.” When concepts associated with a healthy lifestyle are introduced at an early age, those ideas and values are more likely to continue on into adulthood, keeping kids at a lower risk for obesity and disease.

Early childhood education is vital, according to the Bridgespan Group and the Pritzker Children’s Initiative study. The more a child is exposed to in their first three years, the more likely they are to carry those ideals into their later life. So start teaching your children from day one, and you will ensure they can reqach their full potential.

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