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4 Tricks on How to Put on Awesome School Fundraisers

I’m not sure who came up with the first non-fundraiser fundraising event, but that person is brilliant.

When you really think about it, who actually benefits from children (aka parents) pushing wrapping paper and cookie dough? Certainly not my closet or my waistline. Yes, the school ultimately gets the funds (or do they get partial funds? I’m not even sure), but more than likely, mom and dad will simply take the form to the break room at work before forking over $75 to “earn” a $5 stuffed animal or t-shirt.

Why not save everyone space in their already-cluttered houses and cut out the product part?

The next time you need to raise money for your school, consider one of these non-product fundraisers to give parents one less thing to worry about.

1. The Quippy Fundraising Form

This is nothing but a quick-witted form giving parents a break from purchasing something far inferior than the money they are handing over. I’m not sure who wrote the initial text, but it really is brilliant … unless, of course, you are an extremely sensitive parent who loves selling pizza kits. I suppose those parents may actually exist.

2. The Public Fund

Sites like CrowdRise or GoFundMe allow people to beg for money in a classy way … if there is such a thing. I have seen great things come from these sites in the wake of tragic events — families are gifted money for funeral costs, medical bills, or rebuilding homes after natural disasters. These sites can also provide a heavy dose of comic relief since anyone can ask for anything. This guy, for example, asked for money to move out of his current residence so he could “finish his album.” He earned $100.

3. A Fitness Event to Honor the Cause

Whether it’s a 5k, a walk, or a triathlon, asking people to contribute toward your school (or any other cause) and then perform in an event is a way to raise money and motivate. Let’s be real, how many people enjoy exhausting themselves in a long race? In the name of charity, however, people will trick themselves into doing just about anything. Now, you’ll want to put on an event that doesn’t cost a lot of money, or charge an entrance fee on top of asking for donations, so you do actually raise money.

4. Unconventional Rewards

Many teachers are turning to unconventional rewards to boost attendance numbers, such as allowing kids to ride down the halls on scooters or dressing up in silly costumes … why not carry it over into fundraising? What kid wouldn’t like to see his or her teacher dress up as a chicken? It sounds silly, but give kids something crazy to work toward and they will be pushing parents to earn donations!

The bottom line is that your school fundraiser should allow parents and other family members to contribute without putting them out or forcing them to eat or store something they don’t want.

What are your creative fundraising ideas?


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