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5 Great Games to Teach your Toddler Colors!

Need a way to stimulate your little ones’ active brain? Try some great color activities so they can learn the basics of color, improve her vocabulary, and get them ready for school color activities!

  1. Food Fight
Toddler Food Tray


Well, not exactly, but encouraging them to interact with the meal by naming the color of food as you serve it – yellow corn, white rice, green beans – or have them mix and mash their food to create their own color palette!

  1. Finger Painting
Finger Painting


Can develop hand-eye- coordination, aids self expression, therapeutic, stimulates creativity – and of course, lets them experience a myriad of colors, as well as ones they can create by mixing paints together!

  1. Ribbon Race
Ribbon Race


“Tie a different colored ribbon to the tops of three long-handled wooden spoons, then put the beribboned spoons in a small pail placed at least ten feet away from your tot. Call out the color of one of the ribbons, and tell your darling to make a dash for the spoons — and earn a victory hug for her effort” –

  1. Coloring In
Coloring In


The tried and true method. Let your little one experiment with all things color with a good and diverse coloring in book. There are no wrong answers with this exercise, but encourage them of what object is generally what color.

  1. Dress Up
Dress Up


Get your toddlers excited and creative about their clothing choices, and teach them about matching clothing – such as matching white shoes with a white t shirt, or a green hat to match a green image on his or her shirt.

“Just remember, though: Even when your sweetie understands the concept, she’s bound to have her own definition of what’s stylin’.” –




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