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Early Childhood Social and Emotional Screening

Early Childhood Mental Health…

“Mental health issues do emerge in the 0-3 population.” ~Terry Jones, Chair of The Bureau of Children & Families

Early Childhood Development Of Social and Emotional Issues

If a child is experiencing emotional and social issues, it could be more than a developmental stage. Parents are often told, “They’ll grow out of it.” But, that is not always the case and problems could continue for months, even years down the road. If you wait until Kindergarten for a teacher to recognize potential issues, years could have already been lost.

“Research says that if we don’t get things more managed with a child before they turn 8-years-old, there is a 50% chance that the child is going to have significant mental health issues further in life.” ~Ken Ditlevson, Chief Guidance & Family Solutions

Early Intervention is critical for optimal development. Regular social and emotional screening from an early age keeps some children from falling through the cracks and falling behind. Early observation also helps educators tailor social and emotional programs appropriately.

Some Methods Of Evaluation:

  • Devereux Early Childhood Assessment
  • Ages & Stages Questionnaires

“Research shows for every dollar invested in Early Childhood, we get a sixteen dollar return.” ~Russell M. Pry

“When children come to school, and are able to be successful young, that’s a win for the children and schools. Then parents and communities get a win, when children come to school successful, they become productive citizens and that’s another win. And, then, the final win is when we have healthy productive citizens, the whole society wins. So taking care of children early is a Win-Win-Win.”

And who doesn’t love a Win-Win-Win!



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