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How Often Should I Let My Child Win?

Winning isn’t everything. But it’s something.

Of course, there is no harm to let your little one win every so often, so long as they have no idea that you are. If they catch on to your less than 100% effort or you’re altering the rules to suit her, then you’re showing her that the rules are not as important as winning, and that trying hard isn’t ideal.

Although it will help their self-esteem to feel the taste of victory, she needs to learn about losing, and the best way to do that is to lose… alot.

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Instead of just letting them win, acknowledge your advantage,  and instead offer a handicap, such as a head start of an extra go if you’re playing a new game. If you agree on the changes, then you’re no longer letting her win. You’re just making the game fair.

Also remember that with preschoolers, for example, winning isn’t usually the primary focus, rather the game be as fun as possible. So think of games that are fun and enjoyable as your focus. At this point in time, your child beginning to become more co-operative in their play is the primary focus. It takes precedence over winning and losing. So do a puzzle and take turns with the pieces,  build a tower out of blocks, one block at a time, or play a game of sport where there is no winning or losing.
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