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10 Vacation Hacks For Families On The Go This Summer

Are you looking for ways to make this summer’s family vacation easier and more fun? You can with these 10 vacation hacks! Whether you are heading to the beach or the mountains, implement these tips for a smoother journey.

Vacation Hacks For Your Summer Trips

1.Roll Your Clothes

When you take the whole family on vacay, you have a lot of stuff to pack. Roll your clothes so everything fits tightly and neatly. You can save room for more souvenirs.

Rolling and more packing tips:

2.Baby Powder To The Rescue!

You can sprinkle it on yourself and your kids when you get sandy at the beach to knock the sand off easily. You can also use it to stay dry and fresh in warmer, humid climates.

3.Sage For Your Campfire

Don’t have bug repellent? Adding sage to your campfire can help keep bugs away. Gather around the warmth of the fire and enjoy it bite free.

4.Use a Cheap Shower Caddy For Fast Food

If you are eating in the car, you don’t want to risk spills and food everywhere. You can buy a shower caddy from the dollar store and allow your kids to use it for keeping their food contained.

enhanced-buzz-8803-1403640093-14 & Buzzfeed

5.Pack Your Carry-On Carefully

If you are traveling with kids, you will definitely need ideas to keep them entertained on the road or in the air.

6.Get Strategic With Your Snacks

Portable snacks that are easy to eat, and will not make a complete mess, are the way to go!

vacation hacks

7.Think About Reserving a Home

If you have a whole family going on vacation, consider renting a home instead of a hotel room. This can give you a more comfortable space. You could give AirBnB a try.

8.Purchase Quality Gear

From your luggage and carry-on bags to your kid’s equipment like strollers and travel crib, make sure you purchase quality equipment. You do not want to arrive at your destination with everything broken down.

9.Try To Keep Some Sort of Routine

Sightseeing and playing in the water all day can be too much for little ones. Try to keep to a consistent nap and feeding schedule. You don’t want to end up out to dinner with an exhausted and cranky child.

10.Wash Clothes On The Go

Huffington Post says,

Just put a dime sized amount of shampoo into the sink and do a quick hand wash.The kids love to help out with this one. Wring it out, and hang to dry.

Happy Travels! 

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