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DIY Holiday Crafts

It’s that time of year again! the holidays are a great opportunity to spend time with your kids and to teach them some hobbies, skills, and appreciation for what they are able to create.

DIY activities  are one of the best ways to reinforce a number of positive traits into your kids. Children receive stimulation when they are taking part in crafts and art projects since it focuses their imagination and creativity on a specific task. Motor skills, problem-solving skills, and even social skills all can receive a boost. Your child may even begin to notice and appreciate other people’s work after creating their own. Crafts support individual craftsmanship in your child, teaching them pride and satisfaction from personal creation.

Arts will also strengthen their ability to learn. Studies show that math and literature easier to understand if you begin the understanding and experimenting with art. Indirectly learn about dimension, shape, and proportion has a number of benefits that transcend subject matter.

Luckily DIY Holiday kids crafts ideas are everywhere on the internet this season. Here are a few of our favorites.

Kids crafts

Kids holiday ornaments on

Peppermints to snowflakes, offers plenty of creative starts to turn those old toys into something magical. Each ornament links to a clear and easy to follow guide. Holiday Crafts

Some of my favorites can be found here. Pipe cleaner christmas trees, nutty buddies, and homemade snow globes are hard to beat in their inventiveness and creativity. This list is definitely worth a look. DIY Tips

Some of these are exceptionally clever and others are great reminders of ones you had probably forgotten about from you where a kid (Popsicle stick frames anyone?) While some of these are a little more labor intensive, such as the custom soaps, they are well suited to the family with slightly older children. Easy Kids Crafts

This list has 23 ideas for crafts you and your kids can get into. From the classic paperweight for dad to DIY crayons, there will definitely be something here to take up your afternoon.


Any suggestions for crafts these sites didn’t cover? Let us know!

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