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Valentine’s Day Crafts for Elementary Students

We’ve collated some of the most adorable Valentine’s Day craft ideas for elementary students. The only difficult part will be choosing which one/s you want to do!

Here are some great ideas of Valentine’s Day crafts for Elementary students

Vintage City of Love Postcard

Valentine's Day Crafts for Elementary Students - Valentine's, Parisian Vintage


The beauty of this craft idea is that is caters to both the cognitive and kinesthetic learner. It also involves technology, which we all know kids can’t live a day without. It requires the child to take a ‘selfie’ and then create a beautiful vintage Parisian scene using paper, paint, cardboard, bubble wrap… you name it! A very interactive craft idea. Head to thatartistwoman for a full demo.

Love is in the air card

Valentine's, Love is in the air


A Valentine’s Day card not only fun to make, but pretty to look at. The great thing about this card is that the children can create their own colour palette (especially the boys), and really make it their own masterpiece.

Picture me Valentine

Valentine's, Picture me valentine


Kids love taking photos.
Especially of themselves.

Encourage a cute/happy/funny/cheeky pose next to a pre-prepared love heart wall then let them type up (or hand write) a Valentine’s message on it. This is an especially sweet idea to send to grandparents.

Plane Valentine

Valentine's, Plane Valentine


This is a brilliant and simple way to get the reluctant boys involved in celebrating this special holiday. All you have to do is provide them with a sheet of white card, a pen and a red heart (or two). Have them think about and nominate a lucky recipient of the plane (maybe their mom, sister, grandma or friend). Hopefully it makes it all the way to the recipient…they may end up having too much fun flying their creation!

Heart Wreath

Valentine's, PaperHeartWreath


Can you picture this gorgeous wreath on your door? We can.

Cut up strips of white, red and pink paper (about 5cm width). The kids can practice their using their rule to measure each strip. Bring the ends together, glue, and bend them down towards the centre. Repeat with the next colour and glue or staple it onto the previous heart. Keep going until a heart shaped wreath is formed.

Borax Crystal Hearts

Valentine's, Crystal Heart


Borax is a common household chemical or substance. A box of Borax can be found in your local grocery store in the cleaning aisle and is most commonly used as a laundry booster or household cleaner.

What happens when you combine boiling water and Borax?

When mixed together and left overnight, or for a number of hours as the water cools, it creates crystals.” Source:

Kids are so creative, and this craft activity should inspire them to create their very own Valentine’s shapes. Why not dedicate a section (or window) of the house or classroom for a little Valentine collection of crystal masterpieces?

Valentine’s Day Minion Cards

Valentine's, Heart Minions


Minions are so on trend right now. Why not invite them to the Valentine’s Day party? Head here for detailed instructions on how to make these cheeky little fellas.


Picture me Valentine 

Valentine’s Day Heart Minion Craft

Valentine’s Day Heart Minion Craft



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