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Teaching Math With Counters

Fun and Math Can Go Together!

A fun way for children to learn math in the early years are with counters. Math counters can be anything, really, that is small and children can count. This is also an easy way to teach math at home. Colorful bear counters are a popular choice in early childhood classrooms, but even foods like beans or spiral pasta can work at home. Just be careful to monitor if your child is younger, so this is not a choking hazard.

To get you started with math counters, here are some activities to try…

Quantity Matching

This is a great one-on-one activity that will help you see how much your child understands quantity:

Number Story and Subtraction

Muffin Tins and Seeds

This is a fun idea that can be adjusted to multiple seasons and keeps the items counted neatly contained.

early math


Counting Mat

Another idea to adjust for the seasons! Your child will place a number at the top and then add the appropriate count.

Still Playing School has some fabulous early math activities using Transportation Counters! Counting, Sorting, and Patterning!

Check out the full post here: Transportation Math

For more great counter ideas, check out this post via Teach Preschool: More With Math Bags


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