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6 Ways To Celebrate The First Day Of Preschool With Your Little One

Aww, the first day of preschool. It is a bittersweet moment for parents everywhere. It is exciting to see your little one start this new chapter but a realization that he or she is growing up. It is a day to celebrate and make special. You want to give your child the gift of education and love of school by making the start fun. Here are some ideas…

Celebrate The First Day Of Preschool

1.Make Favorite Breakfast Together

Get up a little earlier and help your child make his or her favorite meal. Think unique character shaped pancakes with fresh squeezed orange juice. By making breakfast together, you get to start the day connecting, and your child will feel comforted throughout the day from the encounter.

first day of preschool

2.Interview Your Child

This is fun to do the night before. You can ask your child questions and record the answers. This will be engaging to read to your child the next year when he or she is a bit older to see how the answers have changed. You can ask your child about his favorite things to do, favorite food, color, etc. You could also have her draw a picture to go along with it.


3.Take A Special Picture

This is another memory you will want to save for later. Where is your child’s favorite place or spot? See if you can arrange to take the first day of preschool picture there. Have your child wear his or her favorite outfit. Make it a family event. Take some shots of your child by themselves and then with family members.

first day of preschool

4.Rehearse The Day

When your child is new to preschool, he or she may be feeling uneasy about how the day will go. If you can, find out the general routine from the teacher. Then go over it ahead of time, the morning of, with your child helping him or her act it out. This can ease some of the nerves and help your child adjust easier to the new routine.


5.Family Game Night

After your child gets home from his first day of school, have a special dinner and family night planned. You can even enjoy an outing to the park. This will give your child something to look forward to throughout the day if he becomes nervous. It will also give you a chance to reconnect as a family and ask how your child’s day went.

first day of preschool



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