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5 Playful Songs To Encourage Gross Motor Skills Development

Music is a great way to get kids moving and learning, plus it can be loads of fun! Here are some songs, featuring the Laurie Berkner Band, you can use to increase those gross motor skills and help your kids develop.

Gross motor skills are the abilities required in order to control the large muscles of the body for walking, running, sitting, crawling , and other activities. ~Encyclopedia of Children’s Health

Songs To Encourage Gross Motor Skills

1.A Tisket A Tasket

This is a great circle time game where kids can skip outside the circle to get those legs moving. This one is a classic that children adore.

2.Over In The Meadow

For this one, the kids can take a walk around and pretend they are exploring a meadow and practice digging and pretending to be the animals.

3.My Energy

Kids got some extra energy? Put it to good use. Get some props and let those kids dance around to this song. You may just find yourself dancing along and feeling great!

4.When The Saints Go Marching In

Get those legs ready to march!

5.The Airplane Song

Kids can spread their arms like wings and fly around the room.

Happy Moving and Grooving!

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