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Imaginative Play with Cardboard Boxes

“With nothing more than a little imagination, boxes can be transformed into forts or houses, spaceships or submarines, castles or caves. Inside a big cardboard box, a child is transported to a world of his or her own, one where anything is possible.” National Toy Hall of Fame

When it comes to sparking your preschooler’s imagination, I know of little better than a cardboard box. The cardboard box is in the National Toy Hall of Fame for a reason. No flashing lights, sound effects, or gimmicks needed. Just a child and a simple box.

preschool box child 4

A few boxes, all by themselves, can become all sorts of things to a child. From boats to cars to secret fortresses. But, add a few extra materials and I’m sure you will be amazed at the outcomes…

… fabulously open-ended materials available that the children can easily access and combine with their box play.
These might include:
  • ropes
  • string
  • wool
  • pegs
  • masking tape
  • scissors
  • coloured markers
  • glue
  • play silks, scarves or lengths of material
  • Smaller boxes or containers
  • cardboard tubes
  • empty yoghurt containers
  • paper
  • garden mesh
  • paint
  • cushions
  • blankets
  • carpet squares
  • old sheets
  • sticks or leafy branches

More Cardboard Box Fun:

The Washing Machine: Picture Credit and Tutorial Here


The Grocery Shop:


Gas Pump: 

gas pumpThe best part about this cute cardboard gas pump? Every fill-up is free!

What you’ll need: 10x8x12-inch box, 12x10x10-inch box, hot-glue gun, scissors, green paper, double-stick tape, black contact paper, X-Acto knife, 5 feet of 1/2-inch clear plastic tubing (available at hardware stores), spray bottle, green masking tape, assorted office supply stickers and labels

Make it: Assemble both boxes and hot-glue flaps shut. Position the smaller box vertically on the floor and place the larger box on top horizontally; secure in place with hot-glue gun. Cut a 6-inch square of green paper and adhere to front of bottom box, as shown, with double-stick tape. Cut the letters G, A, and S and a 3×5-inch rectangle from black contact paper. Place the letters over the green square on front and stick the rectangle on the right side panel of the top box. Use an X-Acto knife to cut a 1-inch square in the right side panel of the top box and a 1-inch hole in the top of the right side panel of the bottom box. Hot-glue one end of the clear plastic tubing to the bottom of the spray bottle and insert handle into the 1-inch square on top box to hang. Insert the opposite end of tube into the 1-inch hole in the bottom box; secure with hot-glue gun. Attach a piece of green paper to the front of the top box and secure with green masking tape. Embellish paper with assorted stickers and labels as shown. ~CraiglistDad

Maze: Work those motor skills!




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