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25 Things That Your Child Needs To Know Before Kindergarten

Kindergarten Readiness?

Not sure if your child is ready for kindergarten? You child needs to have some skills developed before taking that step from preschool. Social-emotional skills, as well as, cognitive and physical skills.

Kindergarten marks the start of a child’s formal education. A child’s first school experiences can influence the way he or she relates to others for the rest of life. For example, success or failure at this stage can affect a child’s well-being, self-esteem and motivation. As a result, it’s important to make sure that when your child begins school he or she is developmentally ready to learn and participate in classroom activities. ~Mayo Clinic

Here is a list of some skills to look out for:

Before Kindergarten Skills

  1. Can follow directions
  2. Use restroom on his or her own
  3. Share toys
  4. Speak clearly enough to be understood
  5. Know the basic colors
  6. Identify most of the alphabet
  7. Recognize and name basic shapes
  8. Say and write first name
  9. Parents names (& phone number is helpful)
  10. Count to 30
  11. Sort items by likeness (color, shape, etc.)
  12. Hold a book properly (right side up)
  13. Match upper and lower case letters
  14. An understanding of comparisons (big/little)
  15. Run or jump in place
  16. Hop/ skip
  17. Throw and catch a ball
  18. Hold writing utensil correctly
  19. Participate in a group
  20. Understands make believe
  21. Understands if two words rhyme
  22. Button or zip clothing
  23. Tie shoes
  24. Sit quietly
  25. Display confidence

Remember that these items are basic guidelines. Talking with a professional, or getting an assessment, can help you know if your child is really ready. It is important that your child has the emotional and social skills to help him or her succeed, as well as basic cognitive skills. Starting school can be a lot for a child to take. Having these skills will help him or her feel confident and prepared.

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