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Does Changing Schools Have a Negative Effect On Your Child?

Changing schools can be a difficult transition for any child, but a new study by researchers at New York University shows that it could be causing more harm than we think. WIBQ News reports findings from the study.5654904996_6013346372_b

“Moving from school to school more than twice in the five years from Head Start preschool through third grade correlated with lower scores on math tests.” Allison Friedman-Krauss, assistant research professor at the National Institute for Early Education Research at Rutgers University,  says the difference is about 10 points on standardized achievement tests.

According to Friedman-Krauss that difference puts children who change schools more often in danger of failing to meet state standards. “‘Children who moved three or four times over that five-year period – compared to children who didn’t move frequently – scored lower on the math achievement by about eight months of learning,’ she points out.”

While moving may not be an option for some families, the study suggests parents of frequent movers should keep in close contact with teachers and schools to make sure curricula are matching up and students aren’t falling behind.


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