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Help! My Child Hates School…

School can be hard.

Are you struggling with making your child go to school? Does he or she complain about it constantly? There can be many factors affecting a child at school that could make him not want to go. This includes everything from bullying to having a hard time learning. So, what can you do?

Figure Out The Cause

Why does your child not like school? You can find this out by talking to your child or his teachers. Here are a few reasons that may come up in this conversation:

  • Bullying, trouble making friends, social anxiety
  • Academic struggles, trouble learning
  • Physical issues, such as vision problems that can lead to poor concentration
  • Not knowing how to ask for help when needed

Create A Plan

Once you know the cause, you can create a plan to work on the issue. This could be having your child work with a therapist to improve social skills and finding some techniques to manage anxiety. It could be after school tutoring. It could even be just letting your child know that you are here for him or her. Enlist the help of professionals if needed. If the problems are not solved now, they are likely to get worse and your child fall more behind.

Free Up Time

It may be that your child is just too overwhelmed. Homework, home life, after school activities…it can all get to be too much. If your child is stressed and having trouble sleeping, it will be harder for him to manage and handle the everyday issues of life. You may need to reduce extracurricular activities or schedule in some family down time.

Work To Bring Joy To Learning

Your challenge as a parent is to reconnect your children with the joy of learning. You can make a difference in how they relate to school and even reverse their brains’ reflexive reactions. ~Psychology Today¬†

How do you do that? Psychology Today recommends

  • Help connect their studies to their interests
  • Use strategies to reverse school negativity

For more on this, check out the Looking Inside the Brain Section Here

If nothing else is working it may be time to…

Change Schools or Education Method

It may be that the school your child attends is a bad fit for his personality and or learning style. Children are natural learners and if they are hating school, there is likely a good reason. If needed adjustments cannot be made in the current situation a location change may be needed.

For more, visit: The Ten Signs You Need to Find a Different Kind of Education for Your Child

Have you and your child struggled through this problem? What did you do?

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