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Can Children Benefit from Reading E-Books?

A paper published at Leiden University asks an important question: Is the direction our entertainment is taking, specifically books, beneficial to our children? The answers they came up with are definitely worth a look.e book

One of the major factors is that Technology-enhanced storybooks tend to include both media features such as illustrations and music, and interactive features such as linked hotspots and pop-ups that children can click to access other related games, questions, dictionaries, etc.  Across studies, the authors found that multimedia features helped children better comprehend stories and words, but that interactive features distracted them from listening to the story. This means that the modern features can be highly beneficial for engagement, but can also become a negative if used incorrectly.

Another find is that children from low a low socio-economic background or from bilingual families benefited most from the multimedia features of technology-enhanced storybooks, likely because the information presented non-verbally helped enhance their comprehension of the story. Another tid bit is that Interactive features distracted them more than their more advantaged peers.

All in all it is a highly informative article that can be greatly beneficial in assisting you in choosing the right e-books for your children.

My immediate personal feeling from this info is to stick to technology tools that include simpler multimedia, rather than those with many interactive games that can distract your child fro

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