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How Much Tech Should Your Child Use at School?

Tech is everywhere nowadays. Our kids use tech at school and at home. What kind of tech your kids use at school depends on the school. Some still use desktops that are 10 yrs old, and others use iPads. It is easy to think that if your child’s school has the latest cutting edge tech that means that are getting a good education. The question is how is your child’s school using technology? How is it used in classrooms? What are they being taught with it?

Kids don’t need to just be handed a tablet without any further instruction. It is important that schools use the right approach when it comes to technology. It is not enough for schools to just have computer labs. Knowing how to use that tech to help kids achieve and learn is the key. Here is how you can know if your child’s school is using tech the right way.

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Evaluating tech use in your child’s classroom

First and foremost: the presence of technology alone is not a panacea. Why? Success hinges on how devices are used. “It’s less about the media and more about the approach,” says Alison Carr-Chellman, a professor of learning, design, and technology at Penn State University’s College of Education.

Whether your child is actually learning still depends upon the teacher. You don’t want to see teachers taking their usual activities, digitizing them, and that being the end of it, cautions Carr-Chellman. Instead, look for teachers thinking creatively about how they use technology to engage students. If your child is working on a unit on oceans, for instance, she needs to be free to explore oceans beyond simply filling out a digital worksheet.


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