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Top 5 Toddler Surprises to look out for!

As much as we prepare and educate our children in the early stages of their life, no matter what happens they will surprise us in more ways than one. Many of these surprises will be the result of your hard work as a parent, such as reading to them constantly as babies and being rewarded with early first words, or teaching your child respect, and then seeing him or her pass that lesson on to his or her’s younger sibling.

But be sure to keep an eye and ear out for the following little gems, as many are a sign of good parenting ground work and education, paying off!

Your child will show their bravery

Sooner or later, your child will have to start facing his fears. It may start off by confronting the boogeyman in the closet, sleeping in the dark or taking the training wheels off their bike. One day your little one will push past this fear and show true bravery, especially with your help and confidence boosting along the way.

You will be proud!



Your child will want time alone

Independance. The simultaneous dread and joy of it.

“You may have become used to not being able to go to the bathroom without your little one waiting for you outside the door. So when you’re suddenly confronted by an unfamiliar silence, you’ll probably rush to make sure everything’s okay. What will you find? Your child playing happily alone.” –

This is all a part of growing up, and can be a proud but sad experience. Your little one is learning to fend for themselves, and hopefully learn for themselves too!

Your child will teach you some things

A great sign. The young and razor sharp mind of your child may remember something you’ve forgotten, or perhaps will show you how to use a new gadget or something online.

“As he starts preschool and then school, he will also share with you what he’s learning, which may well be things you’ve forgotten all about. ” –

Parents and Kids


Your child will hurt your feelings

As your child grows and learns, they will test the boundaries of their being, sometimes for the worse. Sometimes, they will say something they don’t really mean, and hurt your feelings.

“You’re mean!”

“I hate you!”

“You’re so embarrassing mum!”

Stay calm, and take the opportunity to educate your child about nice things to say to people, and how some words can hurt other people.

Your child will make you a better person

Your goal is to give your children a better life than you had, but what we don’t realise is our kids will educate us, give us lessons and thus make us better people. It may be something simple as you finding you’re swearing less, listening more, and pushing yourself to be better, to set a better example for your little ones.


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