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Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers

Toddlers needn’t miss out on all the fun of Valentine’s Day! Get them involved in some fun crafts, games, and just general activities which revolve around friendship. They’ll love the fun and hopefully end up appreciating the skills learnt while completing these Valentine’s Day activities for toddlers.

You can start by asking your children a few simple questions…

  • What is a friend? What is the difference between friends and family?
  • How do you become a friend to someone?
  • How do you show love and kindness? On Valentine’s Day, cards, gifts, and flowers are sent to family and friends. Sharing, helping, saying kind words, doing kind deeds, and becoming considerate of one another can also express love. What are some ways you like to show love and kindness to your friends and family? //

Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers

Moving Valentines

A great game for toddlers for their spatial awareness. What you need to do is set a decorated Valentine box, and put it on a table. Ask your child to move one of the Valentine’s cards via directions that you give. So, for example, you can say “move the card under, behind, in front of, to the right side of the box, to the left side of the box, and so on.

Play as long as they maintain interest.

Valentine's Day Activities for Toddlers


Valentine’s Day Creative Movement

Speak the following verse out loud, and dramatize it as much as possible, using being hand movements and expressions!

Let’s be friends on this Valentine’s Day.
We’ll show love in so many ways.
I’ll blow you a kiss. Catch it in your hand.
Throw it back. Watch it land.
Now, be my partner and let’s dance to the music.
It’s so nice to have a friend like you,
not just for today, but the whole year through!

Sorting Hearts Game

After putting a bunch of shoeboxes onto a table, fill them with variously colored construction paper hearts that have been cut into different sizes. Then have your kids sort them according to different parameters, such as size and color.

Can be a great intro into pre math skills!

Musical Circle of Hearts Game

Cut up pairs of hearts that match, from a variety of colored construction paper. Then put on heart of each pair into a box, and sticky tape the remaining hearts to the floor in the shape of a circle. The kids will walk on the circle of hearts to music, and when it stops, each child must be standing on one of the hearts. Now, one heart will be drawn from the box, and the player who is standing on the matching heart, chooses a heart from the box for the next walk. You can also join in and play with your kids.

Memory Hearts Game

To begin, make sure you have with you, 20 index cards, colored hearts with two of each saying “Be Mine,” “I Love You,” and the like, and finally, some glue.

So you will need to glue a different colored heart onto 10 of the index cards and then make a matching set. Place the cards upside down. Now your kids will take turns turning over two cards in an attempt to find matches. It’s the classic memory game.If they fail to get a match, they turn the cards back over and the next player has a go.

Valentines Day Activities


Valentine Candle

Give your child a candle that is short and thick (preferably pink, white or red) and put a mound of candy conversation hearts on the table. You child then would need to place thick tacky glue on the rear of the candy and press these onto the bottom half of the candle. Keep going until the lower half is covered, and it’ll make a great Valentine’s Day present!



Valentine’s Day Fun for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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