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The Future of Arts In the Classroom

Early childhood arts-based learning has been suffering in schools for years. Despite the benefits of art instruction, teachers have less and less time for bolstering creative aspects of the children during class time. Cutbacks in these areas have been ongoing but many think technology may provide an affordable way to keep arts-based learning in the classroom.

Dave Ruch, a performer and teaching artist based in Buffalo, New York. talked to Concordia online about the future of education.

“One of the bright lights in terms of arts-based learning’s future,” said Ruch, “is the availability of streaming programs and videoconferencing which allow students to participate in arts-based experiences from the comfort of their classroom and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional artist visit.”

With today’s technology connecting students with performing artists can be done via live-streaming programs or interactive whiteboards. Teachers can now connect computers, tablets or smartphones to projectors. Video conferencing and webcasting may become an efficient and cost effective alternative that will allow the arts to make a resurgence in the classrooms.Technology in classroom

Teachers so far seem to have successfully implemented technology in their classrooms. In a recent study by CompTIA 500 K-12 and college instructors across the country were surveyed. About 65 percent of teachers feel students are more productive today than they were three years ago due to the increased reliance on technology in the classroom. The report showed 78 percent of K-12 teachers and administrators believe technology has had a  positive impacted in the classroom and that technology has increased the productivity of students.

With the rapid pace of change in society, learning how to be more creative and adaptable is now what effectively prepares students for life beyond the classroom. With these new technological tools at their disposal, it may become possible for teachers to cheaply and effectively re-introduce the arts and creativity back into the classroom.

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