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Easy Ways to Make Friends in the Workplace

Easy Ways to Make Friends in the Workplace

This year a lot of us have started brand new careers. Last year was a difficult time in the working world and a lot of businesses were forced to close, which meant that a lot of people were unfortunately out of work.

Now that the world is starting to return to normal, more businesses are opening and this means that there are far more job opportunities than there have previously been. A lot of people are starting to brand new jobs and they are excited to get back to work.

Though starting a new job is incredibly exciting, a lot of people are finding it intimidating. For the last couple of years, those of us that could work were mainly working from home. This meant that we spent a lot of time in our own company and we are no longer used to working in a working environment.

Starting a new job can be difficult no matter what, but it is even more difficult if you have been working at home for the last couple of years.

Many of us have preferred working at home more than going to the office, but unfortunately, we have no choice but to push through. There are ways that you can make your working experience much easier and one of these ways is by making friends.

When you have friends at work, you feel much more comfortable heading into the office and you are much more likely to enjoy your time at work if you have someone you can confide in and even joke with. However, we have all been pretty isolated for the last couple of years and so you may feel pretty out of the loop when it comes to making friends.

Making friends is actually pretty easy and it is incredibly important that you try to make friends if you want to enjoy your working environment. Here are some easy ways that you can make friends in the workplace.

Be Good at Your Job

Something that you may be surprised to learn is that a great way to make friends in the workplace is by being good at your job. If you have ever been in an office environment, something that you will know is that nobody likes someone that is bad at their job.

If you are not good at your job, you put a lot of strain on the people that you work with and they have to pull some extra weight. Nobody likes having to work hard because someone else in their work is lagging behind and so if you gain a reputation for not being great at your job, the people that you work with will not like you.

Just make sure that you are doing everything that you have been asked to do and if you are struggling with work, don’t be afraid to reach out to your fellow work friends. They would much rather you ask for help than make mistakes and make everyone else suffer.

Working through problems is also a great way to build bonds with your fellow workers and it is a good conversation topic if you have nothing to speak about with the people that you work with.

Be Funny

Work can be boring and it can be incredibly difficult. Sometimes we all need a bit of comedic relief. If your work pals have been a part of the business for some time, then it is likely that they feel quite worn out and not many of them are in the mood to tell jokes and make people laugh.

Because you are new to the business, you likely have a lot more energy than the people that you work with and so a great way that you can make everyone in your workplace like you is by making them all laugh.

Everyone loves to laugh and if you continuously make your workplace laugh, then they will start to associate you with feeling good. If you are not sure what kind of jokes to tell, you could always go for a classic funny yo’ mama joke or a good dad joke.

Though being funny is great, don’t tell jokes too early when people are not yet ready for the day to start.


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