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what supplies does my child need for kindergarten

What Supplies Does My Child Need for Kindergarten

Are you getting ready for your child’s first year of kindergarten? Discover the essential supplies they’ll need to start off on the right foot. Get a sturdy backpack, some colorful crayons, glue sticks for creative projects, child-safe scissors, and plenty of pencils for writing and drawing. By having these supplies, your child will be prepared and excited for their first day of school. Let’s make sure they have everything they need for a successful year!


You will need a sturdy backpack for your child to carry their supplies to and from kindergarten. Choosing the right size and style of backpack for your kindergartener is important. Look for a backpack that is comfortable and fits your child properly. It should have adjustable straps and a padded back for added support. Consider the size of the backpack as well, making sure it is large enough to hold all of your child’s belongings but not too big that it overwhelms them.

To keep your child’s backpack organized throughout the school year, establish a routine for packing and unpacking. Designate specific pockets or compartments for different items, such as a separate pocket for a lunchbox or a zippered pouch for pencils and erasers. Teach your child to put things back in their designated spots after using them to avoid losing or misplacing items.

Another helpful tip is to regularly clean out the backpack to remove any unnecessary or outdated items. Check for any torn or worn-out parts and replace them if needed. Encourage your child to take ownership of their backpack and instill the habit of keeping it organized. By following these tips, you can ensure that your child’s backpack stays organized and functional throughout the school year.


To ensure your child is prepared for kindergarten, it’s essential to include a set of crayons in their school supplies. Crayons provide a wonderful tool for your child to explore their creativity and develop their fine motor skills. When choosing crayons for your child, consider purchasing a set with a variety of colors. Having a wide range of colors will allow your child to express themselves and make their artwork more vibrant and engaging. Additionally, it’s important to prioritize crayon safety. Look for crayons that are non-toxic and meet safety standards. These crayons are specifically designed to be safe for children, even if they accidentally put them in their mouths. Furthermore, consider opting for crayons that have a durable construction, as they are less likely to break easily and pose a choking hazard. By providing your child with a set of crayons that are both colorful and safe, you are setting them up for success in their artistic endeavors and promoting their overall well-being in the classroom.

Glue Sticks

Kindergarten classrooms require glue sticks as a necessary supply for your child. These handy tools are essential for a variety of activities that promote creativity and fine motor skills development. Here are some discussion ideas to help you understand the importance of glue sticks in your child’s kindergarten experience:

  • Creative uses for glue sticks:
  • Collage-making: Your child can create beautiful collages by sticking together various materials like paper, fabric, and buttons.
  • Art projects: Glue sticks are perfect for sticking down cut-out shapes, pictures, and decorations onto art projects, allowing your child to express their creativity.
  • The importance of fine motor skills development in kindergarten:
  • Precision and control: Using a glue stick requires your child to apply just the right amount of glue in the right place, helping them develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Hand strength: By squeezing the glue stick, your child exercises their hand muscles, improving their grip and control, which are vital for writing and other fine motor activities.


One essential supply your child will need for kindergarten is a pair of scissors. Scissors play a crucial role in developing fine motor skills, which are essential for tasks such as writing, drawing, and cutting. Kindergarten is a time when children are introduced to basic paper cutting techniques, and scissors help them refine these skills.

To give you an idea of the importance of scissors in kindergarten, let’s take a look at the following table:

Scissor SkillsFine Motor DevelopmentBenefits
Cutting along linesStrengthens hand musclesImproved hand-eye coordination
Cutting shapesEnhances finger dexterityIncreased creativity
Cutting out lettersImproves hand controlBetter letter recognition

As you can see, scissors not only aid in developing fine motor skills but also have numerous benefits for your child’s overall development. By using scissors, your child will enhance their hand-eye coordination, creativity, and letter recognition. Encourage your child to engage in cutting activities at home to further strengthen their fine motor skills.


Now let’s talk about another essential supply your child will need for kindergarten: pencils. Pencils are an important tool for writing and drawing, and your child will use them frequently in their daily activities. Here are some key points to keep in mind when it comes to pencils:

  • Quality: Invest in good quality pencils that are comfortable to hold and write with. Look for pencils with a soft lead that will make it easier for your child to make clear and bold marks on paper.
  • Quantity: It’s always a good idea to have a supply of pencils on hand. Kindergarten can be a busy and creative time, so make sure your child has enough pencils to last them throughout the year.

When it comes to pencils, it’s also important to consider the accessories that go along with them:

  • Pencil sharpeners: Your child will need a reliable pencil sharpener to keep their pencils sharp and ready for use. Look for a sharpener that is easy to use and has a secure lid to collect the pencil shavings.
  • Erasers: Mistakes happen, and that’s where erasers come in handy. Make sure your child has a good quality eraser that can easily remove pencil marks without smudging or tearing the paper.

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